Drip Marketing - Database Building

Drip, Drip, Drip Marketing.

Your contact database is probably not full of hot prospects... yet. Why not warm them up with a Drip Marketing Campaign?

Once a stranger converts to a lead and they're in our database, there's a chance they're ready to buy today. If so, great! But what if they're not? What if it's going to take months or years to warm this contact up into a prospect? Most importantly: do you know how to do that?

In the Influence of Marketing™ methodology, we call this increasing depth of influence. Here are some tips to remember when increasing depth of influence with Drip Marketing:

  1. First off, differentiate yourself before dripping. Even after a lead converts, there is still a constant noise level (so-to-speak) of advertising in our world. Signs, radio ads, tv ads, spam, junk mail—all together make a constant hum of marketing messages. You need to shout a little to get above the noise. Differentiate yourself, then drip.
  2. Next, be sure to segment your market and target your message. Not every lead has the same demographic, the same buying habits, or the same need. Collect some vital information about the contact first, then use that information to target different drip campaigns to different audiences appropriately.
  3. All drip marketing campaigns must have a clear strategy to help a prospect emerge as a sales opportunity. It's not enough simply to "be seen" or "gain exposure" for exposure's sake alone. Ask yourself, as my contacts continue getting this message, once they're ready to buy, what will prompt them to give me the opportunity to sell.